our process

We love design, that’s how we got here.

We are proud to present our work. These projects are built using latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

“A concept is more or less the final form of an idea, which has been gone through the process of fine-tuning and pruning of its raw edges.”
An “idea” is a rough notion or inkling in our head about something we want to do.


Preliminary Meeting

Preliminary meeting with the client to understand the Requirements. Every project is first started by meeting with the client. It is important to understand the client’s needs & requirements along with IT services. The initial meeting is where we get all your thoughts and requirements for the project.


Site Visit & Site Due Diligence

We start working on the preliminary layout. We want to make sure that we have the correct understanding of your requirements and have a total understanding of how to structure the design and properly convey the desired outcome of the project.


Preliminary First-Cut Layouts

Meeting with client to discuss the Preliminary Layout.
After clients revive the final layout Submitted along with the preliminary costing. After a few more discussions approvals on the Budget & go ahead.


The design process stars

Preparation of the design, concepts 3D views, Mood Boards, Final finishes start product/logo colors taken into consideration to work on the color schemes.


Design Approval-I

Meeting with client to take the approval on the design approval.
After the approval of the design, interior shop drawings start along with the services drawings.


Work starts at Site

After all the approvals in place construction work starts at the site with all necessary permissions from authorities (BMC, Building management, etc). At the time of construction work, all the safety measures have been taken into consideration.


Construction Period

30| 45 | 60 days.
Depending on the project size construction period decided. During the construction periods, weekly meetings conducted at the site to keep Client updated if any issues, or any design changes.


Project completion with closure Documents

After successful completion of the Project, final closure documents will be submitted with all as-built drawings & final invoices.